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Converting an image to black & white and making selected areas colored


This tutorial will help you learn how to convert an image to black and white and making certain areas of the image colored.

Here is an example image with I created:

Step 1: Open your picture in photoshop

Step 2: Create and duplicate of the original image and you can change the brightness and contrast of the picture and set which looks best. You can also play around with the Blending modes, in this example I set the blending mode of the duplicate layer to “Overlay” as shown below:

Step 3: Now create another duplicate of the original image and change it to black and white.  To convert the image to black and white Go to Images >Adjustments > Desaturate or you can make adjustments by going to Images >Black & White as shown below:

Step 4: Remember your black and white image layer must be over the colored image layer. Now create a vector mask on this black and white image layer and select brush tool and start painting the parts of the image you want in colored as shown in the below image:

Step 5: This is how it looks like

That’s it … you can play around with this technique and use your creativity to create more interesting images. Have Fun 🙂